Mudipu which is about 8 km from Fajir Church is in between and borders Fajir, Ammembal and Vorkady parishes.  Mudipu is an extensive village out of the 19 wards of Fajir Parish, 4 wards come under Mudipu Chapel.  They are Pandikatta, Yermatti, Arkan and Kurnad. There are about a hundred families coming under these 4 wards.

Besides there are 25 families of Ammembal and Vorkady, who are living closer to Mudipu Chapel and later joined to Mudipu Parish made into Ira, Church, Sunangala and Kanthoor Kutatajje wards. Earlier Mudipu was a part of Panir Parish which was known as Pandikatta.  Now it is divided into 4 wards.  There is a hill in Mudipu which also belonged to Panir Parish.  In 14.9.1937 the Pandikatta ward of Panir Parish was handed over to Fajir Parish together with the hill, the later as a donation.

Mudipu Hill…A History

Mudipu hill is a place of great importance which has a special history behind it.  Rev.Fr. Joseph Vaz, born in Goa in the year 1651, April 21, worked in the Diocese of Mangalore from the year 1681 to 1684 and reached Mudipu preaching the Good News.  He went house to house teaching catechism and serving the poor and the marginalized.  This brought great joy to the people and was eagerly looking forward to his coming.  But some people were against him and were trying to destroy him and his work.  The place where they tried to harm him and kill him for his faith is marked even today upon the hill at Mudipu.  Even today the faithful visit this place with great reverence and devotion.  Later Fr. Joseph Vaz went to Sri Lanka and died there.  For his virtues and the kind of life he led, he was made venerable in 1989 and now the “Blessed” in 1995.  There is no doubt that very soon he will be canonized a saint and given the honor of the Altar and that day will be a great day for the people of Mudipu.

  • 1937Fr.Salvadore Rodrigues began the Mission
    When Fr. Salvadore Rodrigues was the Parish Priest of Fajir the Pandikatta ward from Ullal – Panir Parish was given to Fajir Parish along with the Mudipu Darkas donated to Fajir on 14.09.1937.  Fr. Rodrigues put up an incomplete chapel on top of Mudipu Hill where the life of venerable Fr. Joseph Vaz.
  • 1978Fr.Robert Z.M. D’Souza (1969-1978)
    Fr. Robert Z.M. D’Souza completed the chapel in the Mudipu Hill. Now it is no more. The wall was built around the shrine.
  • 1982Rev.Fr.Gregory D’Souza (1978-1982)
    Since the hill was far and out of the way without and approach road, Rev.Fr.Gregory D’Souza (1978-82) applied for a vacant land of the Government in the year 1981 which was closer to the Mudipu town.  After that he applied to the Bishop for a chapel and a commission was set up by the Bishop on 3.2.1981 and subsequently permission was granted.  But God had different plan before the work was started. Fr.Gregory D’Souza died on 3.7.1982.
  • 1985Rev.Fr. Michael Pereira (1982-1985)
    Rev.Fr. Michael Pereira was named Parish Priest of Fajir on 4.7.1982.  He continued the work began by Fr.Gregory D’Souza.  With the support and co-operation of the people of Mudipu he purchased the land applied for, 2.17 acres for a sum of Rs.3987.00.  He dug a well in that land and began the work of building a chapel.  The foundation stone was blessed and laid by the Bishop of Mangalore on 27.10.1984.  But as God’s ways are incomprehensible, Fr. Michael Pereira expired on 16.7.1985.
  • 1993Rev.Fr.Gregory Serrao (1988-1993)
    The work of building the chapel was continued by Rev.Fr. Gregory Serrao, who was appointed Parish Priest of Fajir on 23.5.1988. At first he built a small house at Mudipu and in 1991, in memory of the 150 years Jubilee celebrations of Fajir Parish Church, that house was inaugurated as chapel and on 1.1.1991. The Eucharistic Celebration was held for the first time. A committee has been formed to take after the interest of the chapel. 22-6-1991, under the leadership and guidance of the parish priest with the co-operation of the parishioners, the generosity of various people and parishes, the work of the new chapel was completed in the first week of May, 1993. This beautiful and magnificent edifice has been dedicated to St. Joseph.
  • 1993Memorable day in the history of Mudipu Parish
    This inauguration and the blessing of the Mudipu Chapel were held on May 10, 1993.  The day’s programme began with the formal inauguration of the chapel by Rt. Rev.Msgr.Aloysius D’Souza, the Vicar General of the Diocese.  The inaugural programme followed by the concelebrated Eucharistic celebration presided over by very Rt.Rev.Basil D’Souza, The Bishop.  During the Mass the Bishop blessed the Main Cross, the Chapel Hall, the altar and the tabernacle. Very Rev. Victor Machado was the preacher of the day.  The Parish Priest of the Cathedral, summarized his thoughts saying, “God resides not only in the temples but also in our hearts.  Therefore, we need to build in every heart a temple for him.” The Eucharistic Celebration was followed by the public function during which Fr.Gregory Serrao, the Parish Priest of Fajir, welcomed the President of the programme, the Bishop and the rest of the guests. Smt. Lilly D’Souza briefed the crowed with the history of the chapel and Sri Felix D’Souza, the President of the Catholic Youth Movement of Mudipu recalled and thanked the contributors of the chapel.  The Bishop in his message to the participants and the parish members said, “The church which is built on this holy land where Venerable Fr. Joseph Vaz himself had once walked, is dedicated to St. Joseph.  May Venerable Joseph Vaz dedicated life is an inspiration to the people of this parish to grow in love of God through the service of the neighbour”. The Bishop also congratulated the Parish Priest, Fr. Gregory Serrao, by offering garland and fruits on behalf of the Mudipu Catholic Community.  The Vice-President of the Chapel Committee, Mr.Michael D’Souza, was garlanded then by the Vicar General and in his speech he appreciated the services of the Vice-President of the Chapel Committee and the service and sacrifice of the Catholic Community of Mudipu.  Towards the end of his speech, the Bishop recalled with gratitude the service of late Rev. Frs. Gregory D’Souza and Michael Pereira.  On behalf of the Diocese, then the Bishop congratulated the Parish Priest, Fr. Gregory Serrao, by garlanding him. Mr.Michael D’Souza, the Vice-President of the Mudipu Chapel Committee gave the vote of thanks.  The gathered crowd, about 2,500, was served with cold drinks and snacks.  The programme which began at 9.45 a.m. was wound up at 12.15 p.m.
  • 1997Rev. Fr. Victor Gerald D’Souza (1993-1997)
    Rev.Fr.Gregory Serrao handed over the charge of the Fajir Parish to Fr.Victor Gerald D’Souza on May 22, 1993. On his tenure Joseph Vaz became “Blessed” and the Holy Mass was celebrated for the First time in the shrine.
  • 1997Erecting of New Mudipu Parish (29-06-1997)
    The New Mudipu Parish was errected as parish on 29.6.1997 the Feast of Sts. Peter and Paul by Rt. Rev.Dr.Aloysius P. D’Souza; Fr. Alwyn D’Cunha was appointed as the First Parish Priest.  The new Parish was dedicated to Blessed Joseph Vaz.The New Parish Council came into existence on 7.9.1997. Mr.Felix D’Souza was elected as the Vice-President and Mr. Paul D’Souza became the Secretary.
  • 2004Fr. Alwyn D’Cunha (1997-2004)
    30.11.1997 was a historical day in the history of Mudipu Parish.  On that day a small Shrine of Blessed Joseph Vaz was inaugurated in front of the church.  The life size statue of Blessed Joseph Vaz was brought in procession from Mudipu bus stand to the shrine.  Rt.Rev.Dr.Aloysius D’Souza accompanied the statue from Mudipu bus stop, blessed and installed it in the shrine. Nearly 3500 people took part in the event.  In order to honour and spread the devotion of Blessed Joseph Vaz.  Thursday was dedicated to him as a Novena Day.  The first Novena was held on 4.12.1997 at 4.45 P.M. The statue of Blessed Joseph Vaz was taken in procession from the church to the Miraculous Hill on 18.1.1998.  V. Rev. Marcel Saldanha Vicar Forane of Panir was the main celebrant for the Eucharistic Celebration and Fr. Walter D’Mello preached the Homily.  Nearly 1,500 people participated in the celebration. The first Parish Feast of our parish was celebrated in a grand scale on 21.1.1998. On 5.4.1998, Palm Sunday from Mudipu bus-stand to the Miraculous Hill way of the cross devotion was conducted.  The temporary stations were erected on the way. Nearly 1000 people had come for this devotion. On 23-08-2001 the foundation stone was laid for the chapel in Mudipu Hill by Rt. Rev. Dr. Aloysius P. D’Souza was inaugurated on 12-02-2004.
  • 2011Fr. Andrew  D’Souza (2004-2011)
    Rev. Fr. Andrew D’Souza took over the charge on 21-05-2004. He beautified the whole campus. He tried to build the communication between srilanka and Goa. The relic of Blessed Joseph Vaz was brought from Srilanka. Counseling was started in the shrine and also on the eve of Tri-Death centenary of Blessed Joseph vaz the novena day was changed to Friday and the exhibition was arranged. Foundation for the ‘Sahuardha Bhavanan’ and the dining hall was laid on 17-04-2008. 60 cents of land was bought and the grottos and entrances were constructed. Under his leadership, the feast of the shrine was extended for three days on the first week of December. The project of ‘Thursday meals’ to all the devotees has kept up even to Fridays.
  • 2014Fr. Gregory D’souza ( 2011-2015)
    Rev. Fr. Gregory D’Souza took the charge on 01-06-2011. He was committed to the progress of the shrine. Astra ole, Interlocks and CCTV Cameras have been installed. And the new store room has been constructed, Shrine ground extended, all under his guidance.
  • 2015Fr. Benjamin Pinto ( 2015-...)
    Rev. Fr. Benjamin Pinto took the charge on 05-06-2015. There are many more projects need to be implemented under the guidance of present director