Miracle Mount

Miracle Mountain – St. Joseph Vaz Hill Mudipu


God blesses his people through many events and persons. The people of Mudipu and Mangalure were fortune to be blessed by a saintly priest called Fr. Joseph Vaz in the year 1684. This place St. Joseph Vaz hill stands as a witness to such a blessing.

Joseph Vaz was born on 21April 1651 in Benovlim, Goa. He became a priest in 1676 and served in different parishes in Goa till 1681. Later he was sent to Canara. Fr. Joseph Vaz travelled from Goa barefoot. Joseph Vaz was the parish priest of Panir church. He dedicated himself for the ministry of Divine Word, Social Justice and Welfare. He went house to house teaching catechism and serving the poor and the marginalized. This brought great joy to the people. But some people were against him and were trying to destroy him and his work. As a result some miscreants one night brought him to this hill(Mudipu Hill) in the pretext of administering the sacraments of anointing to a dying person. When the miscreants reached this Hill along with Joseph Vaz, they tried to kill him. But Fr. Joseph Vaz knelt down in prayer, then this hill illumined with bright light and water gushed out from the three holes appeared in the places where Fr Joseph Vaz had knelt along with his walking stick. The enemies escaped. God saved Fr. Joesph Vaz miraculously. The three hole s formed that day give witness to the event even today. Those that pray with devotion and use the water from these holes are blessed with many miracles.

However as his sole ambition was to work as a missionary in Sri Lanka, he entered Sri Lanka in year 1687 as a laborer because Catholic priests were forbidden to preach there and preaching would mean imprisonment and death. However he took great courage and walked the rural paths through the tea-gardens, searching for Catholics, ministering to their needs, instructing them in the faith, regularizing their marriages, baptizing their children, and celebrating Holy Mass in their homes and village. Thus he renewed the faith which had been badly affected by the persecution. In the year 1711 he breathed his last. In the year 1995 he was declared “Blessed” and then in the year 2015, January 14 he was declared ‘Saint’.