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In the light of modern circumstances the life of Joseph Vaz can be seen in its full glory, with all its social and religious implications. Besides his life of evident holiness and prayer, and determination to do whatever was necessary to further the Gospel, he founded the first religious community comprised of local native people, as opposed to missionary priests from far away, and was a pioneer of the idea of full adaptation to local conditions. In 1835 the Oratory at Goa was suppressed and with it died also the Oratorian mission to Ceylon. But the descendants of those whom Joseph and his Oratorian community had served never forgot what he had done for them, and on 21st January 1995 Joseph Vaz was beatified by Pope John Paul II.

The Friday Boy

St. Joseph Vaz is known as the 'friday boy' because he was born on a friday, all his major miracles were performed on fridays and at last he breathed his last breath also on a friday.

Mother Mary's Servant

When St. Joseph Vaz took the vows of priesthood, he signed a letter with his blood dedicating his life to mother mary.

The Miracle Hill of Mudipu

It was when Fr Vaz was a parish priest at Ullal Panir church, some deviant people plotted to eliminate him and one night they requested him to inunct a dying person. Fr Joseph readily agreed and set out to visit the sick person with them. As they were approaching the deserted area on the hill, they tried to kill him. Fr Joseph suddenly hit his stick to the ground, knelt down and prayed, it was then water sprang from the hard rock on the top of the hill. People who came to eliminate him said to have fled the place with fear and these three little springs still bear the witness to this miracle because a 60 feet well dug near to these ponds has no traces of water!
  • I was suffering from a rare skin disorder, I prayed to Saint Joseph Vaz and the disease has left me. I thank the lord and Saint Joseph Vaz for his grace and blessings. - Mrs. Venita, Mangalore



Our Shrine is a place of divine peace and beauty. Please visit and see the miraculous spot where Saint Joseph Vaz performed one of his greatest miracles.

V. Rev. Fr. Benjamin Pinto
(Parish Priest)